attend® Mobile

attend® Mobile is a a proven solution to get you ready when you are on the fly.

attend® Mobile is a cross-platform solution to approach the smartphones to the simpliest and powerful service management systems based on attend® platforms.

Using the new framework model provided in attend® 9, now the mobile users can create, manage and close service management tickets as easy as in their desktops. attend® Mobile connects directly with the attend® Professional front-end taking advantage from its modularity and its business rules workflows.


attend® Mobile for Android and attend® Mobile for iOS

attend® Mobile was designed to support a wide range of smartphones. Mobile devices based on Android and iOS can use the application to exchange information with local or another remote users through the service management center.




Simple and comfortable views

You decide wich is the more appropiate view for the thecnical staff and also for clients. An easy-of-use interface gives you access to your tickets wherever you are.

From the ticket view you can create or modify tickets and you can open your mobile camera to take a photo and upload it to the attend® server. The photo will upload with its coordenates in order to locate the ticket in Google Maps later.

The ticket interface shows you up the basic information to manage the service, such Client, Technician Assigned or, Status, and you will be able to use the Action buttons in the same way than the attend® web interface.



Upload photos with geolocation

Added to the tradicional attend® uploading system, now you can upload photos sending the coordenates from the location where the photo is taken and using the GIS feature, attend® will position the ticket in Google Maps.


You can enjoy your job using one of the attend® languages available, such English, Spanish, Catalan or French.