attend® Monitor Functions

attend® Monitor provides overview of the components and network configurations and quality of service provided to them.


  • internal and external Help Desk System oriented to users inside the organization or other organizations
  • Incident and call management
    • Incident data:: incident number, data control, assigned technician/group, state, priority, typology, detail, etc.
    • Client data: code, full name, telephone, e-mail, cost center, job center, department, etc.
    • Audit: data, change state, assignments, author...
    • Ticket closure data: data, closure code, comments, worktime
    • S.L.A. (Service Level Agreement)
    • Customizable formularios depending on typologies
    • Customizable forms depending on state, data...
  • User profile configuration: administrator, operator, technician, group manager, user/final client
  • Automatic ticket registration from e-mail
  • Automatic response integration from e-mail answers, as ticket diaries
  • Knowledgebase
  • Help on decision making
  • Report module
  • Statistical analysis
  • Typology tree
  • Automatic technician/group/SLA assignment
  • Inventory management
  • Worktimes
  • SNMPc Network Manager alarm integration
  • Características de SNMPc Network Manager:
    • Secured: SNMP v3 encryption.
    • Scalable: Distributed pooling optimized to workgroups or the entire enterprise.
    • Connected: a wide variety of electronic notifications such e-mail, SMS or Beeper. Scalable to attend Help Desk events and/or domain administration systems.
    • Accesible: .

All the attend® CS are based on attend Professional®.