attend Monitor®

attend® Monitor allows a global view about network components and configurations and the QoS over them.

In many cases it is not enough to have a network management console (SNMP) if no one is dedicated 100% to meet it. Leave it to the intelligent management of attend® Monitor and not miss an alarm.

As computing platforms improve, systems and applications require a service user with higher quality and better specialization. In many cases the incidents are produced by systems, configurations or components that are not monitored, or if they are, are not adequately addressed through a management console owner.

The user support center must occasionally meet an avalanche of calls produced for a network device that stopped working. Apparently, they are individual incidents and offline and a technician should investigate the source of the problem. With attend® Monitor special functions are launched to:

  • incidents are generated and assigned to the appropriate recipient automatically
  • the technician does not have to be constantly monitoring: an email is enough to maintain the information at any time
  • be able to publish a general notice (whiteboard) of incidents for the whole company
  • automate the closure of all the major incident related tickets, linking and closing them all together
  • ticket closes automatically when the original device changes state to correct (link).

Thanks to the power and versatility of attend® Monitor and the advanced level of proactive monitoring of SNMPc Network Manager, we can anticipate calls and inform to the users about the exact problem and affected services, minimizing the impact in the support center.

Castle Rock's SNMPc Network Manager is one of the market leading network management product and is able to generate a variety of alarms for any sign of failure of any device or service infrastructure systems.

All the attend® CS are based on attend® Professional.