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attend® Council is a solution pre-parameterizated to cover the needs in public administration or municipal organizations or entities. It allows the citizens to log in the application to expose their problems, incidents, requests or complaints.

Diagrama attend CouncilA City Council is a complex organization where many of the tasks that are carried out, require extensive monitoring and need quick and efficient responses.

Lots of paperwork, such as queries, issues or requests, arrive daily and they have to respond based on criteria of effectiveness and approach to citizen responses often accompanied by forms to fill in, to process instances, causing a large number of visits and expect that too often make the council an organization is considered slow in resolving procedures.

New technologies provide tools that facilitate close monitoring of the status of these proceedings.

attend® Council/CS is an attend® Certified Solution, a tool for Service Management, especially directed to those organizations and entities that are providing services to third parties. Designed to work in a web environment, provides a user-friendly access to the an effective and easy interface, both for local users (for their daily job) as citizens in general.

Using attend® Council/CS you can create different workflows where information and tasks are changing their status, depending on the situation they are: response pending, imminent response, enclosed request, request transferred/escalated ... Meanwhile attend® Council / CS can support:

  • Every type of processing
  • Requests or queries from citizens
  • Incidents on municipal infrastructures
  • Third party service management
  • etc.

attend® Council/CS provides some automation (notifications, escalations, reassignment) depending on the state, providing a substantial improvement in the service management  and the quality of the job of the municipal employees, making improvements considerably on the perception received from the citizens.

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