attend® Features

attend® Professional and attend® Standard

attend® provides the following features:

  • Ticket management
  • Inventory
  • Cost management
  • Project management
  • Service Quality management
  • Mobile integration
  • Shopping Approval workflow
  • Advanced task management: recruitement, marketing monitoring…

Because not all customers have the same needs and that some do not have to use all of its functionality, attend® presents two different modes:

  • attend® Standard: basic ticket management
  • attend® Professional: advanced ticket management, third party application integration and new features specific development (plug-in’s)


¿Can I add new features/functionality (plug-in’s) to attend®?

Of course. That's the difference with tools from other vendors: the ability to develop new features that our solutions don't include in its standard, protecting your investment in future upgrades.

Clouding attend®: attend® Hosted Services

Maybe you don't want to increase your initial budget during the initial steps on an attend® implementation; in other words, reducing hardware and software costs, you can begin using attend® with a monthly fee. Forget operating system and database purchase, hardware adequation and maintenance costs. Using the cloud solution attend® Hosted Services, you only need Internet connection and an internet browser. You will enjoy the same functionality than with attend® Professional, with one only difference: your attend® will reside in an external datacenter with all the security issues covered.

attend® Certified Solutions

The attend® Certified Solutions are solutions developed by our partners or by Attendre directly (on-demand) integrated in attend®. The scope of these solutions gathers the conditions to convert them in a vertical or transversal solution within the Service Management so all our customers can take advantage with this attend® CS. There are several examples:


All of these use the attend® platform, but they are pre-parameterized to offer concret solutions. Other solutions are under construction and will be announced soon as for example attend® CRM.