attend® Customer Service

attend® can handle the typical workflow in a sales department, post-sales service and user support center. No matter the reason of the incident, request, claim or suggestion: with attend® Customer Service you can care for the service that support your customers.

attend® Customer Service provides service for different scenarios:

  • Technical assistance services (computing, telephony, copiers ...).
  • Consumer hot-line.
  • Claims or requests Central Portal.
  • Information on products and / or services.
  • Citizen portal.
  • Reseller assistance point center, sales channel…
  • Information center for schools, guilds, associations…

Included features

  • Identification of the source of the service request, query or request.
  • Identification of the person or active item that generates the incident.
  • Description of types of incidents, queries, phone calls…
  • Record comments or description of the request for services, information attachments…
  • Assign the request to the service group, specialized personnel for the resolution, or the corresponding service.
  • Define warnings, notifications, escalations and service alerts.
  • Time control: lifetime incidence or request, work time, and closing response.
  • Quality control.
  • Service statistics.
  • Defining business rules to adapt the product to their own needs.
  • Organizational tree to define corporation/multi-company, division, center…
  • Service Request by phone, email, web form.
  • Export data to other applications (data warehouse, ERP, invoicing...).
  • Monitoring and control of incidents transferred to third parties (subcontractors for certain services).
  • Inventory or asset recording to which the service is provided.
  • Control of contracts, warranties, leasing…
  • Customization of the solution.
  • Complete workflow to manage pre-sales, proposal, order, budget, workload...  


  • Statistics and reports that provide data for decision-making.
  • Help to give better guidance to client training as required.
  • Service request analysis regarding the customer or items in the order.
  • Better coordination of services, easily identifying the highest priority.
  • Knowledge database shared by all the system users.
  • Fast and efficient access to information.
  • Service procedures.
  • Increases the quality (and the user perception) and the communication to the client or user requesting the service.
  • Detects the exact costs of the service, and distribution thereof.
  • Service contracts control, both internal and external (vendors control).
  • Portal access to information (technical access, managers, users / employees).

All the attend® CS are based on attend® Professional.