Enterprise Partner

attend® is a service management solution that can be useful for different types of support centers in compaies or organizations. This opens up great possibilities for implementation that require expertise to advise, implement and post-sales suport to our solutions, regardless of sector or department where the service is provided.

Many entities acquire attend® in order to implement it in more than one area, adapting to the needs of each one. Even two companies in the same insustry may be using attend® with different purposes. That is why it opens a wide range of sales opportunities among which are:

  • incident management in a department providing internal services (IT, human resources, building maintenance, logistics, plant sales, claims...)
  • approval workflows: shopping, tickets cost, recruitment, security...
  • project management
  • contract management and warranties management

Certainly, our clients will propose new management models that can be covered with attend®, a flexible tool with a great capacity for parameterization, adaptable to many environments.



¿What is an attend® project?

Several phases are covered during an attend® project:

  • Requirements: exhaustive definición of all the customer needs, including workflows and expectatives.
  • attend® Installation: includes application server and all the base software (operating system and appropiate database). Several projects could need testing installation and monitoring procedures.
  • The user deployment is easy and quick: the interface is 100% web
  • Parameterization: following the directions from de Requirements document, attend® is easy and fun to implement; low technical knowledge is required
  • Training: it could be to different audicence: technical user, final user, administrator, IT Manager and developer.
  • License maintenance: in order to receive new versions, releases and pathces, with new features and solutions.

Support post-sales: value-added services to reconfigure parameters, create new workflows, add new reports and development of new features…

¿Which benefits could attend® provide me being Enterprise Partner?

First of all, attend® offers the possibility to satisfy the client needs. There are new ways to explore when the customers explain us how the service managment is used in their companies. This collaborations allows us to access to another kind of services based on attend® that could be delivered by the Enterprise Partner.

¿How to collaborate with Attendre being an Enterprise Partner?

Attendre provides the marketing material that is useful for your campaigns. Ask for information about Attendre campaigns. You can take advantage from an attend Certified Solution (solution based on an attend platform), from a transversal solution or from a Case Study, or from a promotional issue, third party integrations...

The support to the Enterprise Partner consists in several directions, not only marketing. Of course, the main goal is the technical support. Also it is important to consider sales training or collaboration in other areas..

Further, an attend Enterprise Partner will have a fully attend Professional (5 users) for internal use, without limitations, and attend Professional (20 users) for training and demonstration purposes.

¿Which requirements are needed in order to be an attend® Enterprise Partner?

Basically are 4:

  • Sign an attend Enterprise Partner distribution contract
  • A marketing plan
  • A business plan
  • Receive a minimal Technical Training and a Sales Training.