attend® has been designed and updated with the latest technologies on the market since it was created, allowing a wide range of supported platforms and an effective functional product development, regarding the existing configurations of our clients when they update to new product versions.

Using Java 2 Enterprise (J2EE) attend® simplifies systems integrations with other existing applications in your company, such as Active Directory, external databases of contacts, integration with external APIs, application portals, etc.

Java 2 EE 1.5, only POJO´s
Ajax: DirectWebRemoting 1.1
Persistence: Hibernate
attend® has been tested to work with DB2, Oracle, MySQL and MS SQL-Server


Scalability and Performance

attend®  is designed to support both departmental deployments low-volume users, such environments 24 hours 7 days a week (24x7), which are often used by hundreds of users concurrently. This is possible because attend® can scale from a single server application to complex multi-server environments to perform balancing and connection management processes (pooling and cache).

Availability and Reliability

Today the availability and reliability of applications have become essential. Java 2 Enterprise is the best solution on the market to meet these needs, allowing both petitions as transactions to be redirected to a backup server in case of failure of the primary server.